WEIGHTED GRIPS ! 1/2 lb each - FIRM

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We have virtually ALL Grips in Stock from Standard - with and without our Custom Cores - (also sold separately) to these - 1/2 lb - a full 8oz. each vs. less than 1 oz each for most standard grips ! Beefy ! Knobby ! A Solid - Firm - Weighted Grip !


Please also see the Original Fitness and Cross Country upgrade grips too ! Confused and not sure what to order? eMail - Chat - Phone us Anytime !


Weighted Grips - 1/2 lb weights and are solid - knobby grips with cord eyelet on the top.

Cross Country Grips were standard on the 15th Anniversary Medalist Skier ! Smooth - Solid Core Grips for a Firm Feel and Nylon Wrist Strap just like REAL Cross Country Skiing !

Fitness Grips have flared top and bottom handles for a sure 'no slip' grip and a wider - adjustable strap !

Also ask about our Elite Grips ! Hard plastic with protruded finger grips which were standard on - you guessed it - The Elite Skier ! The World's Best Aerobic Exerciser of All Time.

Pro Plus - Achiever Plus and Medalist Plus Grips Also Available. Standard Wood Series Skier Grips and Plus Series - 900 and Sport Grips are also interchangeable.

Standard Grips came in both SMOOTH - SLICK - SOFT BLACK RUBBER - and later - TEXTURED - MATTE - HARD PLASTIC --- but both these versions had thin grips with a hollow core.

Introducting the solid core insert ! FIRM UP with NordicFitnessTrack'solid core inserts ! These prolong grip life by preventing the cord from coming loose or falling out and from tearing thru the cord hole --- all while giving you a firm grip that will withstand maximum resistance ! Cord 'Knot