All of our ORIGINAL USA BUILT Ski Machines now come standard with Exclusive Custom Medalist Skis which are Beveled, Round Tipped and have Ornamental Brass on both ends.

We now offer several Choices (some eclectic or Legacy models may not always be in stock).

Pro Skier Choices:  Range from  Standard 3" and when available, Legacy 3" and 4" sideboards.

Achiever Skier Choices:  Range from Standard 3" and when available, Legacy  3" and 4" sideboards.

15th Anniversary Medalist Skier (when available):  Although the crowing feature of Custom Medalist Skis now come on all of our famous ski machines!

20th Anniversary Medalist* Skier:   Available and upgraded with Custom Medalist Skis* and comes standard with a low profile fixed position sure-footed frame.   ADD incline frame with adjustable chrome legs for $150.

NordicTrack ELITE Skier:   The Top of the Line Executive Class Ski Machine.  Custom Medalist Skis are OEM standard.  Adjusted for inflation, cost today would be over $3,500.  Ours is Better than Factory New.

We may still have certain lower end models not shown in stock, please inquire about Sequoia / 303 or Excel / 505 availability.

Thank you for Choosing Nordic Fitness Ski Machines! 

We're Specialists in Better than New, Original USA Custom Built Ski Machines. Refurbished - Reconditioned - Restored and Rebuilt from Start to Finish.  Don't be fooled by others claiming to sell a "refurbished" NordicTrack Skier.  That usually means minor exterior clean up, nothing more.  Most know little to nothing about a NordicTrack and have never worked out on one.  

This is All We Do!

We never cut corners!

Better than New Original USA Custom Built Ski Machines

Custom?  Yes.  Exclusive Custom.  Just a few...
Extended Solid Core Grips on EVERY SKI MACHINE.  A finished piece, a rubber cap and a grip, that actually feels good AND fits your hand.

Maintenance Free Skis with no (zero) wood on wood contact or rub.  We replace the factory 1 inch "guide" which was simply a component meant to prevent wear as new users got use to their new machines. The problem was that this small "guide" was mounted dead center of the ski and could cause a teeter totter effect, often doing more damage to the ski ends or rails.  

We replace that with a 53" end to end guide on BOTH sides of BOTH skis.  These also serve to center, shim and smooth out the tracking. Several parts are UPGRADED, REPLACED, ADJUSTED or FIXED along the way.  We manufacture many of our own parts.

Thank you for Choosing Nordic Fitness Ski Machines! We also offer genuine NordicTrack manuals and accessories!