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I've been working out on a NordicTrack since 1996 when I purchased my first NordicTrack Medalist. I've tried other equipment - heck I even have a gym membership! But nothing gives me a full body workout like my NordicTrack.

Along the way I had to figure out how to keep my skier in good working order. Eventually I learned how to do a complete maintenance on my own indoor skier, in fact, I even created a few of my own upgrades!

I still use my NordicTrack Medalist nearly everyday. I also test every skier that leaves my restoration facility. You can be sure your NordicTrack Skier will be better than new!

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Isn't it time to develop a workout that actually works for you and your lifestyle? Not everyone has time to get to the gym. Now is the time to invest in yourself with a refurbished Nordic Fitness Ski Machine. Get the World's Best Aerobic Exerciser for your total body fitness right at home.

An Original USA Nordic Track Skier has no impact on your body; just a smooth, seamless and rhythmic motion. This will strengthen the abductor muscles in the outer thigh, an important muscle that holds the body straight and upright.

An Original USA Nordic Track Ski machine is essentially a freestyle elliptical which will strengthen your core muscles and help to build coordination as you age so that you will be less prone to falling as your center of gravity improves daily.

Isn't it time to start a workout that actually works and meets your lifestyle?

"Nordic" Danny



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