Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Q.  Are your NordicTrack Ski Machines All Original USA Built ?
A.  ABSOLUTELY Yes - Complete Skiers, Parts & Service are all 100% USA.  We only Sell & Support original NordicTrack Ski Machines
2.  Q.  What are some differences in the ski machine models.

Here are the most basic in-a-nutshell differences in NordicTrack Ski Machines !  Please call me personally if you have questions in-between the lines.

ALL Ski Machines have the same basic function / motion.  ALL ski machines are original USA made.  ALL ski machines have been re-wired and a Performance Monitor giving you; Time - Speed - Calories - Distance with HR / Pulse can be added for just $75-

Custom Medalist Skis;  Beveled & Brass can be added to ANY SKI MACHINE for $95- addl.

Machines down line from the PRO do not have the front end adjustable riser / incline. They are also made of lighter weight components and without the riser and extended footing, are not as "sure footed" especially on carpeted surfaces.  These are also generally made with lower grade or lighter weight components and include the SEQUOIA / 303 and EXCEL / 505.

The PRO.  Oak - Chrome & Steel with adjustable riser / incline.  The #1 Seller of all-time and the only one still made today* . 

The ACHIEVER.  Same as PRO plus Calibrated Resistance Gauges.  Has two resistance gauges;  Arms & Legs.  Allows the user to adjust leg tension "on the fly" or as you ski via a dial.  Resistance Gauges not the be confused with the PERFORMANCE MONITOR as noted above.

The MEDALIST.  Same as ACHIEVER plus Custom Medalist Skis.  15th Anniversary regalia.  Furniture-like finished walnut.  RARE:  May not be in stock.

The ELITE.  Same as MEDALIST plus heavier walnut front end / footprint   Heavy hand finished walnut components.  Pneumatic piston riser / incline.   "Executive" model.  Adjustable pivoting arm exerciser.  Elite regalia.  Does not fold down.  RARE:  Not be in stock.

LEGACY vs. Standard Ski Machines.   Legacy ski machines or PSI units are made with higher grade or heavier components.  Most were manufactured during Ed Pauls' design reign at NordicTrack - PSI = Pauls Sports Incorporated.  These are premium ski machines and rare.

* But not in the USA.  A cheap replica.


3.  Q.  What is covered by the Warranty and how do I attain customer service if needed.

A.  Each and every ski machine is covered by our One Year Bumper to Bumper and 3 Years Side to Side Drive Warranty.  All other parts or electronics have a full 1 year free replacement warranty.  You can call us 24 / 7 for sales, service or parts.  We go to great lengths to insure each and every custom ski machine ships trouble free.  In the rare case it does not exceed your expectations, just let us know.  It could be as simple as an adjustment or replacement part and we'll walk you through whatever it takes to insure your complete satisfaction.

4.  Q. How do I call - chat - text or communicate with a LIVE PERSON ! 

A.  You can call or text 503.580.2000 - 24 / 7.  Web site has live chat or you can message or chat via Facebook.

5.  Q Do you offer any special discounts for new or repeat customers ?

A.  Sometimes.  Mostly off season during the Summer months for premium or Legacy Ski Machines or those with Custom Upgrades like Medalist Skis.  Let me know what you are looking at and when you need it.  During the fall and winter we are often weeks if not months out to ship.

6. Q. Where are you located ?

A.  Salem, OR.  50 Miles from Portland - Eugene and the Oregon Coast.  While we normally don't personally deliver or offer pick up, we will occasionally make those exceptions.  Let us know where you are located and what you need.

7.  Q.  What Countries do you ship to ?

A.  A.  We ship World-Wide.  Our boxes are custom made, heavy duty and can make it around the world - twice !  They have ergonomic handles on the sides and one on each end for a team lift.   Shipping weight is only about 60#'s + / -  for most ski machines.   For Countries outside the US and Canada, please advise your complete address and we'll get back to you with the best Fed-Ex price available.  Typically these will run $250 ~ 500 USD

8. Q Why should I care about original USA made vs. the ski machines still being made today from "NordicTrack" ?

A.  There is really no comparison except the name.  NordicTrack declared bankruptcy in 1998.  Since that time, ski machines have been made in China.  In 1990, a Pro Ski Machine sold for about $600-  In 2017, with inflation that would be nearly $1,900- today.    Instead NordicTrack sells their model made in China for  ...., yes,  $600-.  The same price nearly 40 years later.  That tells you everything you need to know.

9.  Q.  Where do you get your ski machines ?

A. We've been in business for over 20 years and have developed a network to source and find original NordicTrack USA ski machines.  We always have at least some models in stock !

10. Q  What does refurbished and reconditioned really mean or include ?

A.  With others, not much.  They only try to clean or make them "look somewhat ok" from the outside.  With Nordic Fitness Ski Machines, we rebuild from the INSIDE OUT.  We manufacture many of our own parts and take care of the details other do not see.  We add our own custom upgrades & much more.   Each and every ski machine we sell is totally rebuilt from the ground up - every part from the tiniest retainer clip or part and every piece of wood refinished with all hardware removed.  100%.  All the time.  Every time.

11. Do you buy ski machines ?

A. Yes.  But mostly within Oregon & Washington due to the high cost of shipping & handling.  We do make exceptions from time to time depending on the model and out stock.  Please keep in mind that the price we can pay is far less than our sell price because the intense time,  labor & costs of rebuilding them one-at-a-time.

12.  Are you part of or work for NordicTrack ?

A.  No.  We are a small independent company.  The term "NordicTrack" is a trademark of ICON Health & Fitness, Inc. ("ICON"), registered in the United Sates and other countries. NordicFitnessSkiMachines is not affiliated with ICON and no endorsement of NordicFitnessSkiMachines or our services by ICON is or should be implied.