BRAND NEW ORIGINAL NordicTrack FITNESS GRIPS ! The Ultimate GRIP with Adjustable Wrist Straps & Flared Top (SKU-216)

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We have many Grips in Stock from Standard to Custom.  Flared Top & Bottom 3.3oz Grip with thick - adjustable Nylon Wrist Strap!  Fitness Grips have flared top and bottom handles for a sure 'no slip' grip and a wider - adjustable strap! *


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OEM NordicTrack Ski Machine FITNESS GRIPS.   The most popular original NordicTrack USA Ski Machine GRIP.  See also original OEM 1/2 pound or full pound weighted Grips for added workout & strength weight resistance benefits,

* Nordic Fitness Ski Machines may substitute a better Velcro padded R - L handed wrist strap.