NordicTrack Performance MONITORS Speedometer / Chronometer; Time - Speed - Calories - Distance - Heart Rate

Regular price $150.00

Most Performance & Pulse Monitors pictured are available and IN STOCK !  All Refurbished - Reconditioned Units come with a Full 1 Year Warranty. 


From Basic to Programmable available.  Main one pictured with big Red- White and Blue Buttons  - or  - Consoles L & M will be shipped at this price  - includes console, batteries, mounting bracket, manual and speed cable only.  If you have a specific model you want, please denote with order,  inquire or call / text 503.580.2000.   Some cost more, other less. We otherwise ship one of those 3 pictured L - M or Q and reserve the right to substitute for a comparable programmable monitor with the same or more features unless you let us know your preference.

We have replacement parts for your monitor too! BRACKETS - CORDS - BOXES - PULSE MODULES - BATTERY HOLDERS and also do repair!

FULL ONE YEAR FREE REPLACEMENT WARRANTY.  If a monitor purchased from us ever fails, we'll replace it free!* 

Most of the Programmable monitors offer TIME, SPEED, CALORIES and DISTANCE in miles with only different design layouts.  HEART RATE / PULSE is an optional feature on some consoles.

OPTIONAL Pulse / Heart Rate Clip Module is only $20- additional and available at check out.   If you already have and want a monitor with heart rate plug feature, please denote with your order!

Instruction Manual Included.  Mounting Bracket & Speed Cable provided upon request at no additional cost.  

$10 ~ $20 REBATE TO RECYCLE SOME NON-WORKING MONITORS:  Let us know the model console you are replacing and we'll include a pre-paid return shipping label and credit your account upon receipt.  $10- Basic Non-Programmable.  $20- Programmable.

WE HAVE Replacement Magnetic Interface Line (cable from upright tube to flywheel interface) - Troubleshooting, replacement & repair 'fish' kit to pull the speed cable/wire/cord back up through the upright tube too. Anything you need to keep your NordicTrack Skier running clean and smooth - Fit for Life.

* Buyer would need to return ship the unit within 1 year of purchase.  We'll otherwise try and help you troubleshoot or offer discount replacement if you did not allow battery corrosion to spill out.  Please replace with NEW batteries YEARLY.

 ** Please contact us to confirm FACTORY NEW availability.  Price is $195- for FACTORY NEW OEM consoles.   We'll send you a Click & Pay invoice to complete your purchase,