NordicTrack Premium Performance Monitor New SPEED Cable/ Cord Plug-In

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Premium Shielded Slimline Cable / Cord will connect  on all original NordicTrack Ski Machines Performance Monitor Consoles to receive the Flywheel SPEED. Also measures / calculates TIME - CALORIES and DISTANCE.  Works on MOST*  Original NordicTrack (& many other) performance monitors and equipment requiring this line connection.

Perfect length and plug on both ends will insure good reception from the flywheel with a cord that won't sag or crack like the old coil cables are notorious for doing.

 *  If you have performance monitor D shown on the link below with a female "tail" coming out of the monitor, you will need a different cord.   Please make a note with your order if you have this console and we'll send you the correct one.

FREE UPON REQUEST with this order, the manual to your performance monitor.  Please specify with a note on your order which letter console you have from this picture;


We also have New Premium Shielded Heart Rate / Pulse Cord with Gold Tip Plug that works on "most" original Performance Monitors including "football" shape consoles with a FLAT battery door on the back.  If your football shape monitor has a rounded battery door on the side, please contact us for availability.