NordicTrack New Premium Performance Monitor Console HEART RATE / PULSE Cable / Cord GOLD TIP

Regular price $20.00

NEW Premium shielded HEART RATE / PULSE cable / cord works on most* NordicTrack Performance Monitor Consoles as well as many others.  Gold Tip for best pick up and reception plus cord that won't sag like the old coil version.

Tight secure earlobe clip with comfort clip for cord attachment to shirt.

FREE UPON REQUEST with this order, the manual to your performance monitor.  Please specify with a note on your order which letter console you have from this picture;


We also have NEW Premium Slimline Performance Monitor SPEED cable / cord.   This connects the monitor to the flywheel interface which also measures & calculates TIME - CALORIES and DISTANCE.


* Our Heart Rate / Pulse will work on most performance monitors including the "football" shape console as long as it has a FLAT battery door on the back.  If the battery door is rounded on the console side, please contact us for availability of a HEART RATE / PULSE that ONLY WORKS with that particular unit.  Cost is $55- for that one-of-a-kind cord.