21 Point Service & Re-Build Checklist

Posted by Danny Campbell on


This is the 21-point service & re-build checklist performed on every ski machine we sell. We re-build from scratch starting from the inside out - every nut, every fitting, every tiny spring clip...EVERYTHING!

1. Remove, refinish and refit all wood parts.
2. Remove, clean or re-paint (paint as needed) all framing, metal parts & BLACK hardware. Clean - Polish - Replace as needed.
3. All hardware to be cleaned, polished, oiled or replaced.
4. Corner rollers & axle/pins removed, polished, re-set (Legacy units) and lubricated internally to prevent future corrosion and smooth non-rattle performance.
5. Check & gap / align drive rollers. Replace as needed
6. Remove & Disassemble Arm Exerciser Drum; Clean - Sand & Oil Leather Brake Pad (24 hr cure) & Align positioning holes for proper no-shift fit - Clean & Oil Washer Assembly (washer - bearing - washer). Replace as needed.
 7. Remove - Rewind / Clean or Replace A/E Cord to ensure smooth operation. UPGRADE GRIPS; Extended (longer) add solid cores and cap off for a finished look.
8. Adjust grip rest for proper & tight fit. Adjust cord length for test run or actual user. We add and / or Replace upright tube rubber bumpers making sure there are now 2 in the cavity. 
 9. We electronically re-wire ALL SKIERS. So regardless if you order a performance monitor now or later, it's guaranteed to work.
10. Sand & oil all snap pins and upright tube bolt pivot / hub point. (loosen / torque as needed).
11. Clean Hip Pad & All plastic parts- Replace or Repair as needed & Apply protectant 
12. Replace or Remove & Brush Strap / Flywheel Belt - turn belt as needed - clean thoroughly. Remove Clean & Oil Belt Tension Spring.
13. High speed resurface of flywheel, axle and hubs.
14. Skis: Clean Ski Foot Pads & Reattach toe Cups.
15. Oil all wood. (final step after refinishing final wipe / dry)
16. Skis: Refinish, oil, "true" cut as needed and shim both skis - both sides - 53" end to end. Maintenance Free.
17. Skis: Remove all-black rubber 'tar' from underside. Apply re-finisher as needed. (Our NEW & improved RED DRIVES do not wear off)
18. Polish all Chrome or Metal surfaces to a shine - removing any rust or tarnish in the process. (Sequoia's will often include black paint touch-ups or complete premium re-paint)
19. Test skier in actual operation for a full 45 Minute Workout (run cold to hot). If drives show any slipping or even slight miss on either side, REPLACE. Must be Smooth and Quiet with even tension/resistance. 5 Year Side to Side Drive Warranty!
20. Achiever / Medalist / Elite: Clean / Oil 2nd A/E Assembly Arm - Gauge; Spring & Gauge Plate. Add rocker arm bushing
 21. Achiever / Medalist / Elite: Adjust / Check Leg Tension 'Turn Only While Skiing' Knob, Springs and gauge. Re-Set feed wire & adjust plate as needed.