SPECIAL 👇 NordicTrack Ski / Skier Machines Center RUBBER / POLY DRIVE ROLLERS 3 yr. Warranty. Set of Two 👇

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RED is The Next Generation of Drive Rollers for Original USA Made NordicTrack Ski Machines.  Proudly Made Exclusively by Nordic Fitness Ski Machines.  $70- / Set  of 2.  * 3 Year Warranty *

When your skier starts to slip, there is a "gap" before it catches or jets back fast on the backstroke in one or both of the skis IMMEDIATELY STOP USE UNTIL DRIVES ARE REPLACED.

• BRAND NEW Better than old style "black" rubber drives.  If you have the lightweight "honeycomb" or drives that have the "spokes" or are vented on the side, these will make a further improvement as that cheaper drive rides rigid and "rough".  Our drives are the smoothest with a consistent grab or catch & release performance.

• Original USA Made Pro, Achiever, Medalist, Elite - and - Black Challenger, Sequoia / 303, Excel / 505 and "most" others.  If you have a different model, smaller diameter drive, Icon or "Plus" series skier,  please write us to confirm fit before you order.  We have other sizes available as well.

• NO MORE RUB OFF - no roller wear or peel off onto the ski. No more "black rubber" bumpy build up.  Our poly rollers will not peel off, last longer and are the smoothest.

• BETTER SKI FEEL and NO SLIP GRIP.  I've worked out on thousands of ski machines. We know performance. We workout --- a whole lot --- on EVERYTHING WE SELL.

• EXCLUSIVE 3 Year Warranty. One miss or gap is one too many.  REPLACE.

• Worn drives are dangerous and should be replaced IMMEDIATELY.

• DON'T BE FOOLED those selling used "dirty - used - old drives" and calling them "new".

• REPLACE the cheap lightweight "spoke" style drive roller with the #1 heaviest SOLID weighted drive!

• Complete Instructions included plus 24 / 7 installation phone support help.  503.580.2000

Our 3 Year Warranty works essentially the same as new tires on your car.  We will replace or exchange our drive roller(s) less any months / years remaining from purchase date upon return and inspection.  Damage to drives from improper use or from a ski machine not properly functioning may void this warranty.

Nordic Fitness Ski Machines is Your Premier Source for A Better than NEW Nordic Fitness Experience.