SPECIAL 👇 NordicTrack Ski / Skier Machines Center RUBBER / POLY DRIVE ROLLERS 3 yr. Warranty. Set of Two 👇

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RED is The Next Generation of Drive Rollers for Original USA Made NordicTrack Ski Machines.  Proudly Made Exclusively by Nordic Fitness Ski Machines.  $75- / Set  of 2.  * 3 Year Warranty *

When your skier starts to slip, there is a "gap" before it catches or jets back fast on the backstroke in one or both of the skis IMMEDIATELY STOP USE UNTIL DRIVES ARE REPLACED.

• BRAND NEW Better than old style "black" rubber drives.  If you have the lightweight "honeycomb" or drives that have the "spokes" or are vented on the side, these will make a further improvement as that cheaper drive rides rigid and "rough".  Our drives are the smoothest with a consistent grab or catch & release performance.

• Original USA Made Pro, Achiever, Medalist, Elite - and - Black Challenger, Sequoia / 303, Excel / 505 and "most" others.  If you have a different model, smaller diameter drive, Icon or "Plus" series skier,  please write us to confirm fit before you order.  We have other sizes available as well.  Our drive rollers will not fit "Icon" ski machines manufactured in China which were made after 1997.

• NO MORE RUB OFF - no roller wear or peel off onto the ski. No more "black rubber" bumpy build up.  Our poly rollers will not peel off, last longer and are the smoothest.

• BETTER SKI FEEL and NO SLIP GRIP.  I've worked out on thousands of ski machines. We know performance. We workout --- a whole lot --- on EVERYTHING WE SELL.

• EXCLUSIVE 3 Year Warranty. One miss or gap is one too many.  REPLACE.

• Worn drives are dangerous and should be replaced IMMEDIATELY.

• DON'T BE FOOLED those selling used "dirty - used - old drives" and calling them "new".

• REPLACE the cheap lightweight "spoke" style drive roller with the #1 heaviest SOLID weighted drive!

• Complete Instructions included plus 24 / 7 installation phone support help.  503.580.2000

Our 3 Year Warranty works essentially the same as new tires on your car.  We will credit, replace or exchange our drive roller(s) for any months / years remaining from date of purchase date upon return and inspection.  Damage to drives from improper use or from a ski machine not properly functioning may void this warranty.

Nordic Fitness Ski Machines is Your Premier Source for A Better than NEW Nordic Fitness Experience. 


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