Thera-Band 1-lb Ankle & Wrist Weights & FREE Grip Upgrade will add to your workout !

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We are now offering NEW THERA-BAND wrist weights to replace the old style 1/2-lb and 1-lb bulky grips.

Price includes FREE standard grip UPGRADE at no addl. charge. Just send us your original stock grips before we ship !

COMPARE; Why Thera-Band

  • Will not sag - Snug-fitting Velcro
  • Sleek Neoprene Exterior
  • Soft Terrycloth interior absorbs moisture
  • Non-abrasive to your skin
  • Easily Adjusts to fit all sizes
  • Stores on skier handlebars or take it with you!

 NordicTrack Skiers ... Solid Core Grips with Added Weight means NO MORE SAGGY ARMS. 4,500 Reps in 45 Minutes !

45 Minute workout @ approx. speed (+ / -) of "4.5 ~ 5.5" = 100 swings per minute (each arm simultaneous pass) of approx. 3 foot reach or transitioning the weight all the way forward to past the hips backward. During 45 minutes, all this means is that I literally move that extra pound of weight over 4,500 times to which I am already burning 500 calories BEFORE the added weight and reaching my distance goal of approx. 3 miles.

Remember: You are also working out with the resistance you dial in coming from the independent drum and leg exercisers !

MORE Added Benefits vs. old style 1/2-lb and full 1-lb Grips.

Nordic Fitness Ski Machines adds solid cores to the stock grips, extend them longer so they actually fit your hand. This alleviates the need to constantly ride your hand up and pinching the grip and cord on top.

Grip diameter size does not change! Sleek design grip with the added comfort and convenience of a well distributed weight source - the wrist wrap..

No more bulky large "fishing lure" type grips that can literally knock a child out if they swing down hard.

Handy: You can take your wrist and ankle weights with you anywhere, or store on the skier handlebar.

You can use on your ankles too - or get 2 sets or added weight bands and do much more.

Workout while you walk and get some "ski training" in by swinging your arms and with the reflective bands, an added safety feature at night.

Thera-Bands are not loose elastic or sloppy bands, but will fit most any wrist or ankle have a secure and snug fit using Velcro.

FREE BONUS !!   LET US KNOW BEFORE WE SHIP and send us your stock NordicTrack grips (which will cost you about $3- with USPS tracking confirmation) and we'll add NEW cores, caps and return to you with a brand new set of Thera-Band 1-lb Grips !

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Danny Campbell

549 Clarmount St. NW

Salem, OR 97304