Premium NordicTrack Ski Machine ROUND Arm RESISTANCE Brake Pad

Regular price $11.99

Better than New Original Ski Machine Leather Brake / Resistance Pad fits Achiever, Medalist, Elite and 900 Machines as well as other models requiring a ROUND shape arm exerciser brake pad; Pre oiled and cured, ready to install.

Complete with installation instructions. If your skier has a worn brake pad, especially when you get metal on metal contact, like the brakes on your car, it's time to replace. If your skier has fabric pad glued down, you will need to order seating plate to install this pad.


If you have an Pro, Excel / 505, Sequoia / 303 or Challenger skier, you will another style (rectange) brake pad. Please see other listing. If you have an Easy Ski or a Ski Machine with poles, we have those brake pads too !