NEW NordicTrack Skier / Ski Machines Upright Tube DETENT / STEEL LOCKING HITCH PIN (Large 3/8")

Regular price $10.00

For skiers missing this pin or as a replacement for internal snap pin.  This pin is exact size & fit (correct factory length) and made for NordicTrack Ski Machines.

Included with locking nylon washer which keeps pin flat to the frame and zip tie for attaching pin to frame. (this way, you won't loose it).

This removable pin locks the upright tube in place.  Holds more firm and with less play than internal half moon snap pins. 

Pin is for MOST standard NordicTrack Ski Machines which have the larger hole.  If your skier has a smaller hole the size of the chrome leg pins (1/4") order that pin listed separately.