New Premium NordicTrack Ski Machine Flywheel Drag Strap / Belt Fits Achiever - Medalist - Elite & More

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New Premium Drag Strap/Belt for NordicTrack Skier/Ski Machines: Fits Achiever - Medalist - Elite & other skier models requiring a belt with ring on BOTH ends of strap.  Also see * Please Note Below


NEW PREMIUM Nordic Fitness Ski Machines Drag Strap/Flywheel Belt Custom made in the PSI Tradition. Heavy Duty Weave. Professionally Sewn. A Gold Triangle Ring ON BOTH ENDS holds flat and straight for zero spring play and sway. This belt fits MOST traditional standard NordicTrack model ski machines which have a DIAL on the upright tube to adjust leg tension. Those models include but are not limited to: Achiever - Medalist - Elite & more.


Please order other PRO (Classic) - Excel/505 - Sequoia/303 - Challenger & other skier listing if your skier requires a single triangle ring on one end and belt which threads to adjustment clip on upright tube on the other end. SEE OTHER LISTING.


* PLEASE NOTE:  If you have a RARE Legacy Achiever and your belt has a buckle on ONE end and end strap (no buckle) on the other which connects through the gauge louvers, please write us before ordering.  This is a SPECIAL ORDER and requires a custom length and sealed cut.   Replacement instructions included.  Cost is $29-  Please copy this text and e-Mail your request to  We'll send you a Click and Pay invoice to complete this Custom Order.