NordicTrack BRAKE PAD INSTALLATION CLIPS for rectangular leather brake pad. Upgrade for ski machines with old square glued leather blocks

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BRAKE PAD MOUTING CLIPS which hold the standard vertical rectangular brake pad for most NordicTrack Ski Machines; Challenger - Sequoia - Excel - PRO and certain others.


Replacing the 2 square block leather brake pads with the solid vertical leather brake pad will make the arm exerciser smooth and requires less oil maintenance.

These clip to the arm exerciser part and should be centered and aligned to the leather brake pad holes.  

Clips hold the brake pad firmly in place for a smooth draw and superior performance.  Quiet & Smooth, the rectangular brake pad eliminates the annoying "horn or rubbing" sound the glued down leather pads make.

Remove the leather blocks & glue residue with a putty knife, powder cleaner & scrubby.