NordicTrack Ski Machine Stainless Steel STABILIZER HARDWARE UPGRADE; Bolts & Washers 12 pcs

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NEW Stainless Steel Upgrade Hardware pack fits at pivot point for HIP PAD (1 Bolt and 2 Washers), ARM EXERCISER BAR (1 Bolt and 2 Washers) and 4 larger Washers.  2 to fit both sides of the bolt at the base pivot on the bottom of the upright tube on your skier and 2 to better secure the front frame leg brace bolts.  Securing this hardware will improve excess play and also cause less wear & tear on your ski machine.

Especially helpful on some late production ski machines, hardware became pot metal-like cheap along with a smaller - thin nut which is hard to hold and can easily break off when you tighten securely.

12-piece SOLUTION:  Hip Pad & Arm Pivot points.  Hardened Stainless Steel (SS) Bolts - Longer. Larger SS with nylon insert locking SS nut , add SS washers on both sides for more surface contact and you have a rock-solid top platform.   Bottom Platform at base of the Upright Tube pivot point:  Place larger SS washer on both sides of the bolt there which is just below the snap or detent pin on "most machines".*  The other two large washers are to be placed below the bolt heads to better secure the front "fork" or leg brace which holds the chrome legs. (the bolts otherwise "bite" into the brace / frame openings).  More surface coverage means a tighter fit with less play. Please note:  Some skiers do have cheap & chunky factory washers, replace with these.

* On Machines with Screw Down Bolt out front; Upon Request, we'll swap the two stainless steel base washers for two nylon lock washers for the protruding bolt.  This will firm up excess shift and prevent the knob from shredding against both sides of the metal U frame bolt channel.  PLEASE REQUEST IF THIS APPLIES TO YOUR ORDER.

If you leave your skier UP.  Tighten securely, loosen when folding down.  If you fold down daily, tighten a little less and this will hold firm still allowing you to easily fold down each day.

If the ONE rubber bumper is missing from the front frame cavity at the upright tube base, we recommend ordering a SET of two from us in addition to this stabilizer kit.