NordicTrack Skier UPRIGHT TUBE STABILIZER BUMPERS (2). Minimize Excess Play or Shift as you Ski!

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Most Skiers produced from the early 90's to about '95 used a 3/8th snap button or 3/8th detent pin to secure the upright tube in the vertical position . These skiers are often missing the rubber bumper which would fall off causing excess play or shift. 

NordicTrack installed these rubber bumpers on the inside of the front frame where the upright tube meets it. Unfortunately, many of these would fall off over time. We suggest installing TWO peel and stick bumpers and using a drop of super glue for good measure.

If you would like to remove even more play, we suggest you also purchase our addendum stainless steel; hardware stabilizer pack which works best and will be more secure if you are not folding down your skier everyday.