RARE Narrow Gauge NordicTrack PRO - Heavy Duty 4" Sideboards - Better than Factory New. BEAUTIFUL.

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Early Ed Pauls Original NordicTrack Ski Machine with Custom Medalist Skis & More.  One-of-a-kind!

Fixed Position Footing on all 4's. Front low profile extended frame.  Front footing is fixed and without incline (no adjustable chrome legs).


1" narrower than standard - 11-1/2"     Standard 12-1/2". 

Subtle difference will be based on your body size / hip width.  I notice it and have no problem using but would recommend this skier for generally smaller framed individuals.

Unique "snap on" grip holders

Unique Hip Pad bracket is welded in open / ready to ski position. (1-bolt arm assembly / attachment required).

Best / Superior Premium Oak Hardwoods used on all LEGACY Ski Machines.