Skier OIL - STOPS SQUEAKS, SHAKE & RATTLE. Brake Pad Lubricant

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But you must know what to oil -- and just as importantly what NOT to oil ! Avoid causing slippage & costly parts & repair by Choosing NordicFitnessTrack - 'cause Skiers is all I do - full time'.

Part of the ESSENTIALS 3 Pack, this NordicOil is the ONLY lubricant your skier will ever need ! It's the next best thing to spending a full day on a single skier !

Smooths out arm exercise performance by lightly sanding the surface of the leather break pad and then applying a few drops of oil. Just leave out overnight to 'cure'. Emery cloth included will remove any build up and ready the surface.

Most of the time, a drop or two on each side on the corner rollers - directly on the pin / axles will virtually eliminate the annoying shake, rattle and allow the corner rollers to roll freely.


If you have a hard knock when your skis hit the rollers, they probably need to be planed down and hit the roller with a more gradual slope. If the oil does not eliminate your frustration - call me and we'll use plan 'B'.