NordicTrack Natural "Redwood" SEQUOIA Skier / Ski Machine Introductory Light weight model

Regular price $545.00

Our entry level exerciser to the Health & Fitness World of Cross Country Skiing. The NordicTrack Sequoia: The Simple Machine with a Natural Look!

For those who prefer the look of a natural wood finish, there's the NordicTrack Sequoia. It's designed for those on a strict budget who want to enjoy the tremendous health and fitness benefits you can only get from a true NordicTrack skier workout !

All Nordic Fitness Ski Machines come with the following exclusive Upgrades & Better than New Warranty;

  • 53" Maintenance Free Ski Shims Replace 1" Center "Guides".  NO WOOD ON WOOD CONTACT.
  • Extended Length Solid Core Grips with Rubber Cap for a finished look.
  • Adjustable Diameter Sport Bottle Holder Hard Mounted with Specialized Sport Bottle
  • 1 Year Bumper to Bumper and 3 Years Side to Side Drive Warranty


It's smooth, non-jarring, total-body motion let's you burn calories, reduce stress and strengthen your heart and lungs while enjoying an invigorating, yet affordable workout !

NordicTrack Sequoia originally sold for $399- in the 90's - that's over $650- today. Your Better than New price: $445-

Key Features;

  • Numbered lower body resistance settings
  • Adjustable upper body resistance settings
  • Hard pine and black steel construction.
  • Redwood stain
  • Handlebar support
  • Adjustable vinyl hip pad
  • Folds for storage