Skier Waiting List

Thank you for Choosing Nordic Fitness Ski Machines.

PARTS and ACCESSORIES ship within 24 to 48 hrs. normally.

I will get to your order of a Custom Ski Machine as soon as possible. Please know we are currently at least several months out to ship complete skiers

Stock on hand of each model will depend when your order comes up.  Each and every ski machine requires a total re-build and we literally and always, "start over". 

We are not billing out until we can give you a shipping window and only then bill your order --- we will hold your place & order number if you would like to be put on our waiting list.    This alone should give you confidence that you will be getting the best ski machine money can buy and also that we never cut corners.  Either way, you will not lose your place and may cancel at any time.

Please email me and ask to be added.  I will call you when I have skiers available. We will discuss choice of ski machine and details for you specific needs / order.

    Please also know ....

  • It will be well worth the wait.  You will not find a Better than New Custom Ski Machine like one of ours anywhere.  All have our ski machines feature exclusive upgrades like shim / ski guides which measure 53" on both sides of both skis for improved smooth & quiet tracking plus making them maintenance free with no wood on wood rub or contact.
  • Solid core extended grips which fit your hand & palm for a true ski feel & exercise experience.

& Much More.

Please let me know if you are interested.  We'll re-contact you,  but it will be awhile.

All the Best,


503.580.2000 -- 24 / 7 Text or Voice

World Wide Shipping.  "Every Skier a Medalist !"

Better than New ! 
 Refurbished - Reconditioned - Restored - Refinished - Upgraded & Customized Original Pre-1997 NordicTrack Ski Machines.  
"Born in the USA" Quality - Totally Re-Built with 3 Year Warranty ! *   Standard to Legacy Custom Units Our Specialty.

Constantly Improving - always upgrading in the PSI tradition.   Dedicated to Edward and Florence Pauls', Inventors of NordicTrack !