NordicTrack USA Built Heavy Duty Premium PRO LEGACY Skier with CUSTOM MEDALIST SKIS

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Original NordicTrack PRO LEGACY Ski Machine with Exclusive Custom Medalist Skis! While all Original USA Built Nordic Fitness Ski Machines are the very best you can buy, LEGACY models are another cut above and made with even higher grade components!

 All Nordic Fitness Ski Machines come with the following exclusive Upgrades & Better than New Warranty;

  • 53" Maintenance Free Ski Shims Replace 1" Center "Guides".  NO WOOD ON WOOD CONTACT.
  • Extended Length Solid Core Grips with Rubber Cap for a finished look.
  • Adjustable Diameter Sport Bottle Holder Hard Mounted with Specialized Sport Bottle
  • 1 Year Bumper to Bumper and 3 Years Side to Side Drive Warranty


 LEGACY USA vs. STANDARD USA  Built Ski Machines.  While all of our ski machines are ORIGINAL USA Built, LEGACY or Ed Pauls' Ski Machines are another cut above.

  • Premium Oak Hardwoods.  Perfect for Custom Medalist Skis.
  • Arm Exerciser Drum with wood, not plastic core with metal plate top & bottom.
  • Solid Corner Rollers with Brass Bushings, not lightweight vented plastic.
  • Other heavy duty / premium components.



PRO has incline feature with adjustable chrome legs.


ACHIEVER has calibrated resistance gauges and ability to adjust tension "on the fly" or as you ski.