NordicTrack PRO JUNIOR. The Rarest of all NordicTrack Ski Machines. Smaller Size PRO made for Kids / Children --- or Smaller / Shorter Adults

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Only PRO JUNIOR we've ever seen in more than 20 Years.  The Holy Grail of RARE USA Made Original NordicTrack Ski Machines!


Better than New Showroom Condition.  Upgraded.  Better than Factory New.  Beautiful.

A Nordic Fitness Custom PRO JUNIOR Skier with Medalist Skis, One-of-a-kind!

Almost reluctant to sell, but as they say, you can't take it with you.  Hope to find a good home.

Unique color scheme with Blue Hip Pad, Grips, Cord and Logo Highlights.  Legacy blue belt and Legacy blue speckled arm cord was our idea!

Standard Upright Tube Height:   42"most) PRO JUNIOR:  37"

Skier Length:    Standard 44"    PRO JUNIOR 39"

Skis Length:  Standard 53" PRO JUNIOR 48"   

NordicFACT:  NordicTrack also made a 56" Ski early on.  This design was unique as the ski was long enough so it would never leave the corner rollers.  Occasionally, standard 53" skis or base may be off or warped which causes the skis to knock when they hit to corner rollers.  This could also be caused by different cuts to the bottom ends (the beveled or wedge cut "ramp" underneath where the ski comes onto the corner rollers, both ends) or using different skis from other years of ski machines when the cut angle changed.

Skier Width:  Standard 12-1/2" PRO JUNIOR - same, 12-1/2"

Arm Exerciser:   Standard:  33-1/3" PRO JUNIOR 28-1/2"

Premium Oak Hardwoods.

PRO JUNIOR does NOT have incline ability and is sure, solid footed on all 4's

NordicTrack only manufactured these in original blue accents (see original catalog page with young girl skiing


1 EXTRA PRO JUNIOR sized drag strap / belt INCLUDED.