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NordicTrack Performance MONITOR Speedometer / Chronometer ALL

NordicTrack Performance MONITOR Speedometer / Chronometer ALL

NordicTrack Performance MONITOR Speedometer / Chronometer ALL


  • Shipping Price (Cont USA): $11.99
  • Shipping Price (Alaska, Hawaii, Canada): $19.99
  • Shipping Price (World): $24.99

Most Performance & Pulse Monitors pictured are available and IN STOCK !

From Basic to Programmable like the one pictured and many others. If you have a specific model you want, please inquire or call / text 503.580.2000. We otherwise reserve the right to substitute for a comparable programmable monitor with the same or more features as the one pictured.

We have replacement parts for your monitor too ! BRACKETS - CORDS - BOXES - PULSE MODULES and even do repair !

FULL ONE YEAR FREE REPLACEMENT WARRANTY if a monitor purchased from us ever fails ! As with the World's Finest Ski Machines, we always test in an actual workout before we ship.

Most of the Programmable monitors offer TIME, SPEED, CALORIES and DISTANCE in miles with only different design layouts. OPTIONAL Pulse Module is only $19.99 addl. Instruction Manual Included.

BONUS ! Add to any skier order for only $49.99- / installed with a FREE Heart Rate / Pulse cord. Save $40- when you order a Nordic Fitness Ski Machine ! (please inquire with your email address to get this special price and we'll send you an itemized invoice with the $40- discount.

WE HAVE Replacement Magnetic Interface Line (cable from upright tube to flywheel interface) - Troubleshooting, replacement & repair 'fish' kit to pull the speed cable / wire / cord back up through the upright tube too. Anything you need to keep your NordicTrack Skier running clean and smooth - Fit for Life.

Still have Questions ? Call or Text us Anytime ! 503.580.2000. or write us at Unlike others, we welcome your calls BEFORE, DURING and AFTER the Sale ! You can also click on LIVE HELP. We want you to use your skier and help you to become an ACHIEVER by realizing your Health and Fitness Goals.

NordicTrack Performance MONITOR Speedometer / Chronometer ALL

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