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NordicTrack PRO LEGACY Skier Ski Machine w/ CUSTOM MEDALIST SKIS

NordicTrack PRO LEGACY Skier Ski Machine w/ CUSTOM MEDALIST SKIS

NordicTrack PRO LEGACY Skier Ski Machine w/ CUSTOM MEDALIST SKIS

NordicTrack PRO LEGACY Skier Ski Machine w/ CUSTOM MEDALIST SKIS

NordicTrack PRO LEGACY Skier Ski Machine w/ CUSTOM MEDALIST SKIS


  • Shipping Price (Cont USA): $95.00
  • Shipping Price (Alaska, Hawaii, Canada): $250.00
  • Shipping Price (World): $395.00

Original NordicTrack PRO LEGACY with Custom Medalist Skis ! While all NordicFitnessSkiMachines are the very best you can buy, LEGACY models are another cut above and made with even higher grade components; Arm Exerciser made of wood & steel, solid corner rollers with brass bushings, premium hardwoods and MORE ! Plus, our Exclusive Hand Crafted Skis; Beveled & Beautiful with Round Tips and Rich Brass Accents. Our Gold Medallion / Coin affixed to every skier we sell !

FULL 5 (FIVE) YEAR DRIVE TRAIN & 1 (ONE) YEAR BUMPER TO BUMPER WARRANTY. "Better than New". NordicFitnessSkiMachines NOW come standard equipped with our EXCLUSIVE Grips too; Solid Core, Extended & Caped are a MUST HAVE for PRO LEGACY SKIERS.

Only BETTER THAN NEW pre-1997 Original NordicTrack Ski Machines. The PRO vs. the EXCEL: The PRO has an adjustable incline and wider front footing for extra stability. PRO vs. ACHIEVER: The ACHIEVER has calibrated resistance gauges and allows you to adjust tension "on the fly" or as you ski !

SETTE SPORT WATER BOTTLE HOLDER which doubles as a iPod or Phone holder when used with a stadium cup. FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY, We'll add a Premium SPECIALIZED SPORT WATER BOTTLE Absolutely FREE !

We ship Fed-Ex Ground Insured & Guaranteed Delivery. Quick & Easy 2 Bolt Assembly !

Refurbished - Reconditioned - Rebuilt & Restored #1 USA Original Custom Ski Machine Specialist. We Ship World-Wide 'cause it's all we do !

NEW PRO HOT WAX & OUR FAMOUS NO KNOCK GUARANTEE: Our Skiers are always 'trued' to the machine and HOT WAXED for a smooth and quiet stress free performance !

Do not be fooled by others claiming to sell 'Refurbished or like new' Skiers ! We are the ONLY - 'BETTER THAN NEW' Ski Machine Specialists.

Manual, Guide for Healthy Living, NordicVision DVD and MORE.

We're #1 in the World for a Reason!

24 / 7 LIVE Customer Support: Phone - Voice & Text. e-Mail. Live on Web Site Chat. Facebook too !

PRO LEGACY, A Premium Original Skier with Custom Hand Crafted Medalist Skis ! Beautifully Beveled and Round Tipped with Rich Brass Accents. Our Gold Medallion tops this off and will show you mean FITness ! All Skiers now come with Extended Custom Grips and a Sette & Specialized Sport Water Bottle & Holder too ! * Warranty: 5 Years on the complete drive system and and 1 year bumper to bumper. Each Skier is Totally Refurbished, Reconditioned, Rebuilt and Restored to "Better than New". NordicFitnessSkiMachines ships via Fed-Ex Insured and GUARANTEED DELIVERY ! Contact us anytime ! -- 24 /7 ! Why a NordicFitnessSkiMachine ! Aerobic #1

Endurance #1

Strength #2

Flexibility #2

Coordination #2


Compare to a Treadmill:

Treadmills are the 'catch all' for the fitness novice. But they are not low impact as many assume. Does the pavement come at you as you walk ? Have you watched - seen and heard people 'pound' their lives away on a treadmill ? Each step a tremendous jolt compared to ordinary walking which has enough impact on the joints without the added stress. Compare to 'NordicWalking or Skiing - you never lift your feet. Experience a Smooth - Rhythmic motion as wood skis glide gently on rubber rollers which - on a finely tuned NordicDanny skier - 'white-noise' therapeutic sound. Start NordicWalking / Skiing - ultimately will want to experience 'total freedom of motion' with an upper and lower body workout. The World's Best Aerobic Exerciser.

Compare to Elliptical:

Ellipticals are much more restrictive and have a shorter range of motion. They are often 'jerky - and have a 'punching' motion you want a free flowing - extended full range of motion and the smoothness of a NordicTrack. . Skiers will also aid in achieving 'balance and coordination'.

NordicTrack PRO LEGACY Skier Ski Machine w/ CUSTOM MEDALIST SKIS

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