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NordicTrack MEDALIST 15th Anniversary Skier Special Gold Edition

NordicTrack MEDALIST 15th Anniversary Skier Special Gold Edition

NordicTrack MEDALIST 15th Anniversary Skier Special Gold Edition

NordicTrack MEDALIST 15th Anniversary Skier Special Gold Edition

NordicTrack MEDALIST 15th Anniversary Skier Special Gold Edition


  • Shipping Price (Cont USA): $95.00
  • Shipping Price (Alaska, Hawaii, Canada): $250.00
  • Shipping Price (World): $395.00

The rare MEDALIST 15th Anniversary Special Limited Edition Gives You Furniture-Like Quality Construction with Top-Quality Features. Walnut Beveled & Round Tip Skis with Beautiful Nordic Brass Accents & Much More !

Designed to Commemorate NordicTracks 15th Anniversary in 1990, the Medalist celebrated those 15 Years of excellence with a full range of NordicTrack's best-of features plus rich extras. A laminated walnut frame, classic round tipped skis and beautiful brass accents give it the look of fine furniture. Authentic cross country ski grips with wrist straps give you the feel of real cross country skiing are standard plus high quality footpads enchance your workout. We pay tribute to our alma mater ski machine by adding our very own custom designed 3 dimensional medallion / coin. Medalist Legacy Ski Machine ? Please Inquire when available at $300- addl. (Quite possibly the rarest of all ski machines).

These machines were made in Chaska, MN and were the best ever made. NordicTrack went bankrupt in 1998 which moved production to China and shall we say, the rest is history. They only make the Pro today, which version is a cheap imitation and knock off of the Original USA models - the only skiers Nordic Fitness Ski Machines will ever sell.

Refurbished - Reconditoned - Restored and Re-Built. Better than New with 1 Year Bumper to Bumper Warranty and 5 Years Side to Side Drive Warranty. Look to Nordic Fitness Ski Machines - Since 1992, the Leader in Original & Custom NordicTrack Ski machines.

The Medalist is for the serious NordicTrak user, one who appreciates the quality and workmanship of the original, pre-1999 skiers and would purchase one new if they were still available. Nordic Fitness Ski Machines has a very LIMITED SUPPLY OF THIS MODEL and they are not always in stock. Please know we can add our own hand crafted Medalist Skis to any model - just $95- addl. Complete with NEW Original brass tips.

Most buyers are already familiar with NordicTrack Skiers made before 1999 and know that these were the highest quality exercise machines ever made. However, for those of you new to NordicTrack skiers, here are some product details you might find helpful:

  • Patented Flywheel:

    NordicTrack's unique patented flywheel and one-way clutch rollers to provide smooth, continuity of motion - just like cross-country skiing.

  • Adjustable Elevation:

    An adjustable front elevation that lets you "track" uphill working your quadriceps muscles harder. This makes it easier for any user to get a more strenuous workout.

  • Resistance:

    Adjustable, independent resistance controls for the arms and legs let you vary the intensity of upper- and lower-body workouts.

  • Solid Wood and Metal Frame:

    Select oak frame and solid wood skis that ride on rubber rollers for a jar less workout. Heavy steel frame and chrome-plated upright tubes.

    Please see for yourself: You can pay $700 for a 'Pro' made in China -- OR buy Better than New for less - delivered price - from us ! With 20 years of experience & expertise, you'll be more than covered and our gold medallion affixed to every skier means you own the best !

    Why Buy Nordic Fitness ? Beauty is only skin deep - it's what's on the inside that counts. We've had to pound out rusted and fused corner pins on seeming 'perfect and 'like new' skiers. Believe it. It takes a lot of time to re-build and earn the 'Better than New' Nordic Fitness Ski Machine gold medal.

    I personally workout on each and every ski machine for a full 45 minutes before it ships. This gives you Quality Assurance and you can buy with confidence knowing that your skier will run and 'feel' 'Better' than what is was suppose to even when new.

    NordicTrackking since 1992 ! I paid $900- for my Medalist back THEN ! (receipt still in hand). That's over $1,525- today adjusted for inflation.

    Ask yourself if it's worth it to haul one around that is not quite right or needs a lot of work or parts. We only offer machines completely Re-Built inside and out, tuned and calibrated to Better than New and original factory specs - I know what a new machine should feel like and then improve on that. At Nordic Fitness Ski Machines, it's still, "The World's Best Aerobic Exerciser."

    Nordic Fitness Ski Machines. The Leader is Refurbished - Reconditioned - Restored and Re-Built Original Ski Machines and the only people to Offer a Full 5 (Five) Year Side to Side Drive Warranty and 1 (one) Year Bumper to Bumper Warranty. Plus always, 24 / 7 phone support. 503.580.2000 - Voice or Text NordicDanny. I'd love to hear from you.

  • NordicTrack MEDALIST 15th Anniversary Skier Special Gold Edition

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