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NordicTrack Commercial GYM & HEALTH CLUB 900 & Home Ski Machine

NordicTrack Commercial GYM & HEALTH CLUB 900 & Home Ski Machine

NordicTrack Commercial GYM & HEALTH CLUB 900 & Home Ski Machine

NordicTrack Commercial GYM & HEALTH CLUB 900 & Home Ski Machine


  • Shipping Price (Cont USA): $175.00
  • Shipping Price (Alaska, Hawaii, Canada): $375.00
  • Shipping Price (World): $675.00

Original Price: $2,995- We currently have ONLY ONE "Better than New" Red-Line model skier.. NEW PHOTOS PENDING !! Also shown is one of the later models with the 'Newer Monitor' (multiple windows) and purple 'Total Body' decal trim sold primarily to the home market. This model has a the 6 wider wheels on each pad; 4 riding the rail top and 2 under the center rail while connected with a tension system to the footpads. You can sure feel the solid - SMOOTH performance from this skier with flex system: Call me to actually listen and to hear the sound of this exact machine in workout mode -- close up and personal ! 503.580.2000. Some models also have '4 rollers' in the arm exerciser head for a steady and sure arm exerciser pull ! Please See * Pay Pal Secure OR your VISA - MC - AMEX or DISCOVER by e-Mail or Phone: 503.580.2000 -- 24 / 7.

Own the most popular Health Club exerciser for your home ! Rare and Hard to Find Original NordicTrack Ski Machine Specialist.

Shipping World-Wide. I work on NordicTrack Machines full time --- From the Sequoia at just $295- to the most popular aerobic exerciser of all time - The Pro at the Special Price of just $495- (selling at or Sears for $700-) - Elite - Plus Series Skiers to this Club 900 & More.

1 Year Parts & Labor Warranty on this and every NordicTrack Ski Machine 'cause that's all I do ! I workout on every machine I sell - NO RISK SELLER - Avoid the Squeak - Rattle & Skiers that go bump in the night ! Broken knobs - monitors that do not interface - stripped drive rollers - not to mention the dust & rust.

I hear the horror stories daily from eBay buyers who buy - dirty - dusty - rusted - squeaky - damaged - have missing parts - loose - erratic - skiers that have been used and abused -- or sitting in a damp garage or basement ! Don't be fooled - 'looks perfect or like new' means NOTHING. Most people have never been on a NordicTrack ski machine - I have nearly every day for 20 years and HUNDREDS of THEM.

NordicDanny since 1992. About 1/3 of so-called perfect skiers have cracked arm exerciser knobs - rust / oxidation - skis that 'hit' the front rollers LOUD -- or a missing clip - washer - grommet and has not been tested - and not just for a quick 2 or 3 min. --- but 30 Minutes minimum - sometimes several times - in a vigorous workout !

You had to wait in line at Health Clubs to use NordicTrack's 900 Model. Besides the patented flywheel, it has many extras to give you the ultimate no impact aerobic workout. The durable all-aluminum elevation tower easily adjusts to correctly fit the hip pad to your height. (up to 6' 6")

  • Pneumatically controlled front elevation adjusts incline of 2 to 10 degrees with the touch of a lever.

  • Urethane foot-glides on 5" wide x 14" long pads give you the most stable stance. 65" long rails give you a 9" longer stride.

  • Construction: Scratch- and rust resistance black anodized aluminum.

  • Operating space: 84" L x 60" H x 24" W

  • Weight: 76 lbs (plus the rail accessory of approx. 15 lbs)

    * The 900 we will ship will vary from the one pictured. Same Guarantee, Same Performance. But will likely be an original RED LINE model. Also to note, the 'T' series (shown with the outer slider rail) are addl. Those are for 'beginners' or people who cannot master the cord - but the cord system is always better and the only way to truly get the most benefit from your heavy duty commercial grade skier. Rail pack is an addl. $300-

    NordicTrack Skier Sales - Service - Parts & Exclusive Accessories. (more coming SOON !). -- NordicDanny -- 503.580.2000 -- 24 / 7.

    Excellent Overall Condition with only minor wear or cosmetic imperfections. Some reassembly required. 3 Main Parts - RAILS - FRONT END and ARM EXERCISER. Instructions - Manual and Phone Support Included. Rewired & soldered a better monitor plug connection.

  • NordicTrack Commercial GYM & HEALTH CLUB 900  & Home Ski Machine

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