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NordicTrack ACHIEVER Skier with Calibrated Resistance Gauges !

NordicTrack ACHIEVER Skier with Calibrated Resistance Gauges !

NordicTrack ACHIEVER Skier with Calibrated Resistance Gauges !

NordicTrack ACHIEVER Skier with Calibrated Resistance Gauges !

NordicTrack ACHIEVER Skier with Calibrated Resistance Gauges !


  • Shipping Price (Cont USA): $95.00
  • Shipping Price (Alaska, Hawaii, Canada): $250.00
  • Shipping Price (World): $395.00

The Original NordicTrack Achiever - built for the Fitness Enthusiast with calibrated resistance gauges! This was a Consumer Reports 'Best Buy' in the early 90's with an original cost of $770- (that's over $1,300 when adjusted for inflation). But today, you can own a "Better than New" ACHIEVER for less ! I purchased a brand new Medalist in 1992 for $900- and it was not as smooth, nor as quiet as ANY of the ski machines we offer today. All Skiers now come standard with our exclusive extended solid core adjustable grips !

The Achiever is a full-featured NordicTrack that's ideal for those interested in closely monitoring their fitness progress. With the Achiever, you can accurately measure, in pounds or kilograms, the resistance by using the calibrated resistance settings on the upper- and lower body exerciser gauges. This is a sweet machine without the jumpy gauge or 'jitters' common with this model and those that have not been properly tuned. We remove the flywheel coating which caused excessive binding back to the original brushed steel for smooth performance from start to finish. Similar to the Medalist - only Oak instead of Walnut and without the gold anniversary adornments. ADD Custom 'Medalist' skis for just $95- Beveled with round tips complete with rich brass accents. ADD a Personal Programmable Performance Monitor shown or similar addl. $49- when purchased with a skier. FREE Heart Rate & Pulse module too ! ASK and we'll send you a Click and Pay invoice or take your order by phone or text at 503.580.2000.

  • NEW EXCLUSIVE Solid Core Extended Adjustable Grips on EVERY SKI MACHINE WE SELL ! Look for the Gold Medalist Medallion to know it's A Genuine Nordic Fitness Ski Machine !

  • Calibrated upper- and lower-body resistance settings
  • Oak and steel construction
  • Medium oak stain and varnish
  • Adjustable hip pad
  • Adjustable front elevation
  • Calories burned slide guide
  • Handlebar support
  • Wheels for easy transport
  • Folds for storage

    PRO vs. ACHIEVER: These are both identically framed skiers, EXCEPT the ACHIEVER has calibrated gauges which actively measure the RESISTANCE. The ACHIEVER allows you to adjust the leg resistance "on the fly" or as you ski by simply turning a dial. (vs. stopping and raising or lowering the belt tension clip manually on the upright tube of the PRO). The arm exerciser works the same except the ACHIEVER has a active gauge with a large arrow as you pull the arm cords both left & right. RESISTANCE is not to be confused with a performance monitor which measures TIME - SPEED - CALORIES and DISTANCE. Some performance monitors also have an odometer and / or with an optional Heart Rate / Pulse module.

  • NordicTrack ACHIEVER Skier with Calibrated Resistance Gauges !

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