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NordicTrack PRO Original Better than NEW USA Built Custom Skier

NordicTrack PRO Original Better than NEW USA Built Custom Skier

NordicTrack PRO Original Better than NEW USA Built Custom Skier

NordicTrack PRO Original Better than NEW USA Built Custom Skier

NordicTrack PRO Original Better than NEW USA Built Custom Skier


  • Shipping Price (Cont USA): $95.00
  • Shipping Price (Alaska, Hawaii, Canada): $250.00
  • Shipping Price (World): $395.00

Our #1 Best Seller ! We sell Only Original and Genuine USA Quality Built Ed Paul Ski Machines and this is our 'Better than NEW Pro Model ! Refurbished, Reconditioned, Restored and Rebuilt. ALL Skiers we sell have a Full One Year Bumper to Bumper Warranty plus 5 Years on the 'Drive Train' Warranty ! Look for The Gold Standard Medallion / Coin to know it's a REAL NordicFitnessSkiMachine !!

NOW Every Skier comes with Extended Solid Core Grips - STANDARD. Just one of many Exclusive NEW upgrades !

EXCLUSIVE Decorative Brass Ski Tips are now INCLUDED on ALL NordicFitnessSkiMachines !

FREE Sette & Specialized Sport Combo ! Sette bottle holder hard mounted with a cool Specialized Premium Sport Bottle !

Not sure WHAT model or WHO to buy from ?

Click Chat Button and / or Talk with me Personally by phone ! NordicDanny Delivers World-Wide ! ~ 503.580.2000 ~~ 24/7.

The Oak & Steel Pro is the industry workhorse and #1 best-selling exercise machine of all time. It is more stable than any of the lower end models with an extended front frame and allows you 6 adjustable incline options to raise it up and simulate 'skiing uphill'. Manual belt adjustment. My price: $495-. NordicTrack / Icon charges $700- or more for a cheap knock-off import. ! Remember: If you can walk or ride a bike, you can and will "NordicTrack". The BEST Fitness Exerciser for all ages - NordicFitnessSkiMachines will give you a TRUE - NO IMPACT & SAFE Workout !

"Every Skier A Medalist" and Home of Smooth & Quiet Original NordicTrack Skiers !

ASK ABOUT PREMIUM LEGACY & PSI Pro & Achiever Models also when available. !

Here is Our Exclusive 21 Point Service Checklist & GUARANTEE Performed On every Ski Machine We Sell ! We Re-build from the INSIDE out ! Every nut, every fitting, every tiny spring clip .... EVERYTHING !!

  • ______ 1. Remove BOTH wood sideboards. Clean & grease washers (metal and nylon) - Drive Rollers - End Rollers (internally swabbed) & Axles for a SMOOTH & QUIET Operation. (takes care of any metal washer -scrape sound).

  • ______ 2. Check & Gap Drive Rollers and then test skier in actual operation for a full 45 Minute Workout (min). If slipping on either side we REPLACE. 5 Year Warranty.

  • ______ 3. Remove Arm Exerciser Drum; Clean - Sand & Oil Leather Break Pad (24 hr cure) & Align positioning holes for proper fit - Clean & Oil Washer Assembly (washer - bearing - washer). Replace as needed.

  • ______ 4. Remove - Rewind / Clean A/E Cord to insure smooth operation & burn off cord end frays. UPGRADE GRIPS; Extended (longer) and solid cores.

  • ______ 5. Adjust grip rest for proper & tight fit. Adjust cord length for test run or user. We Add 1 and / or Replace upright tube rubber bumper = 2 total

  • ______ 6. Clean / Check Monitor & Cords - replace batteries as needed and remove any corrosion. We also pull and re-wire ALL SKIERS.

  • ______ 7. Sand & oil all snap pins and upright tube bolt pivot / hub point. (loosen / torque as needed).

  • ______ 8. Clean Hip Pad - Repair any holes or cuts & Apply Protectant

  • ______ 9. Remove & Brush Strap / Flywheel Belt - turn belt as needed - clean thoroughly. Remove Clean & Oil Belt Tension Spring.

  • ______ 10. Clean, Tighten & Align Flywheel - sand / steel wool as needed to a smooth shine.

  • ______ 11. Skis: Clean Ski Foot Pads & Toe Cups. Apply Protectant.

  • ______ 12. Skis: Refinish and Apply wood preservative to top side ONLY

  • ______ 13. Skis: Surface float hot wax to SIDES of skis to preserve - reduce knocking and insure a smooth channel glide. Coat BOTTOM of Skis sparingly as needed to eliminate rubbing noise

  • ______ 14. Skis: Remove all black rubber 'tar' from underside. Apply re-finisher as needed.

  • ______ 15. Clean Rear End Roller Assembly & Hub.

  • ______ 16. Clean Entire Underside of Unit thoroughly.

  • ______ 17. Clean Front End Roller Assembly & Hub.

  • ______ 18. Apply wood preservative or oil refinisher to top side of all wood sides & surfaces. Elite: Apply Danish Natural Finish to Wood.

  • ______ 19. Clean all Chrome or Metal surfaces to a shine - removing any rust or tarnish in the process. (Sequoia's will often include black paint touch ups or complete premium re-paint)

  • ______ 20. Achiever / Medalist / Elite: Clean / Oil A/E Assembly Arm - Remove / Oil Spring.

  • ______ 21. Achiever / Medalist / Elite: Adjust / Check Leg Tension 'Turn Only While Skiing' Knob / Wire As needed.

    Purchase a Unit from us - 1 Year Bumper to Bumper Warranty. 5 Year 'Drive Train' Warranty.

    Maintenance & Repairs: 90 day Warranty.

    Custom & Value Added Options & Accessories to make the World's Best Aerobic Exerciser even Better !

    You can add a Personal Programmable Performance Monitor for just $49- or $69- with Heart Rate / Pulse module. (Special CPurchase with Skier Prices !!)

    Please also Check our these other Accessories and Custom upgrades !

  • Personal Programmable Performance Monitor with HR Pulse: $70- (Special with Skier Purchase).
  • Programmable Monitor (no pulse) $50- and Basic (non-programmable) $30-
  • EXCLUSIVE MEDALIST BEST PRO PACKAGE: $149- Handcrafted Skis - Padded Handlebars - Padded End Rail Stop and Special Extended Length Solid Core & Beefy Padded Grips with Adjustable Wrist Straps.
  • EXCLUSIVE Custom MEDALIST Skis ! Round Tip - Beveled & Brass: $95
  • ADD-ON NEW Thick 'No Slip' Pad to your Grips: $10- Standard OR $20- with Adjustable Wrist Straps
  • Maintenance PRO: Oil - Wax - Wood Beautifier - Gleaming Chrome & Metal Cleaner MORE ! $20-
  • Terry Hip Pad Cover Set: $20-
  • Cross Country Grips: $24-
  • Weighted 1/2 lb Grips: $30
  • Fitness Grips w/ straps: $30- ($24- without)
  • Acrylic Book - Bottle - Device Holder: $30-

  • NordicTrack PRO Original Better than NEW USA Built Custom Skier

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