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Nordic Track – Low Impact Aerobic Exercise

December 15, 2009 by NordicDanny  
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Nordic Track Classic Pro

Happy New Year from !

OK – each and every year, exercise equipment sales increase in January – thanks largely (pun intended) to the overeating we all tend to do during the Holidays. Not just good food mind you, but plenty of sweets and spirits abound.

Well, now is the time to ‘Get on the FitnessTrack’ with the rest of your life. By spring, many of us have already waxed and waned and you will find some of those machines already at local garage sales!

Good intentions do not equal weight loss or heart-smart health. The bottom line is of course, all exercise equipment (or at least most) will do some good if people just use it. The other factor is simply motivation and ease of use.

NordicTrack Ski Machines are still among the best in pure – no impact aerobic exercise. And you don’t just need to take NordicDanny’s FitnessTrack word for it – please do a quick Google Search: Health Benefits – Cross Country Skiing.. and you will see that It is HUGE.

The FitnessTrack Facts are:

  • Aerobic #1
  • Endurance #1
  • Strength #2
  • Flexibility #2
  • Coordination #2


No impact means your joints don’t get ‘jolted’ – which is why I call Treadmills – the catch all for the Fitness novice – ‘deadmills’. Experience a NordicTrack Skier like none-other and get all the benefits and then some of a treadmill – with ZERO – 0 – that’s right – NO IMPACT OR JOINT PAIN.

Yes Virginia, if you can ride a bike you can NordicTrack ! – and you don’t even need to use the upper body exerciser since the skier serves as a COMPACT Treadmill ! Does the street move toward your feet as you walk ? Treadmills do, which equals twice the impact on your joints beyond of normal walking !!

To Be Continued … next time we’ll talk about the ELLIPTICAL. The short – choppy – restrictive answer to the freestyle – free flowing ‘dance’ of the World’s Best Aerobic Exerciser !

Contact NordicDanny Today ! For under $400- delivered price, a ‘Better than New’ Original – Refurbished and Reconditioned PRO Skier will be delivered to your door. Complete with One Year Parts & Labor Warranty. Since Service BEGINS with the sale, you can call me anytime and I’ll keep you motivated with some NordicSecrets. 503.851.3775


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  1. If you like what you are doing you will stick with it…exercise is key to better health

    Indoor bike training is becoming more common and if you are thinking about joining the gym, you may want to look at some home based units you can purchase for about the same price.There are three main types of indoor bike training approaches; fan, magnetic and fluid based.

    Good info

    Gravity Gardener


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  1. Nordic Fitness Track for Low Impact Aerobic Exercise…

    now is the time to Get on the FitnessTrack with the rest of your life….

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