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Make a Lifetime Investment in Better Health

December 27, 2009 by NordicDanny  
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For a Lifetime of Astounding Health and Fitness Benefits, Invest in a NordicFitnessTrack & NordicHealthTrack Skier!  

Enrich your Health.  Enhance your Life.  When you take care of your Health, you take care of every aspect of your life – your looks, your mood, your energy, your relationships and your job.  With good health, you have the essential ingredient for a happy, productive life.

The best way to insure good health is by maintaining your fitness (proper body weight, firm muscle tone and a strong cardiovascular system) through regular aerobic exercise.  A NordicFitnessTrack skier is the most effective aerobic exercise machine available.   Millions of people have already realized their FitnessTrack goals with HealthTrack skiers – So can you! 


NordicFitness helps you take off body fat and keep it off by burning more calories in less time than any other exercise machine. <p>

“In the six months I’ve been using the NordicTrack (generally 20 minutes, 6 times per week), I’ve lost 37 pounds, controlled my blood pressure and lowered my pulse”  — Rich Hillyard


 By incorporating resistance and using a standing, total-body motion, a NordicTrack workout makes it easy for you to reach and maintain your target heart rate,  Using your NordicTrack Skier regularly makes your heart more efficient at transferring oxygen, nutrients and other life sustaining substances to your body’s cells and organs.

“Right away, I knew this was an excellent cardiovascular workout.  I was particularly pleased about getting the upper-body exercise which jogging or bicycling didn’t provide.  — Boak Sells.


Research also shows people who exercise regularly have more stamina and higher level of energy.  NordicFintessTrack provides the most efficient total-body workout to effectively increase your energy.

“At 63, NordicTrack has greatly improved the quality of my life.  I work out 5 mornings per week and feel a lot better.  I have more vitality and energy.  NordicHeathTrack has given me a different outlook on life; no I feel like going out and doing things”  — Frank Goodavish.


By working all your major muscles, NordicHealth relaxes the entire body and relives pent-up tension. 

“I bought my NordicTrack at the time I was in a stressful job and needed exercise to cope with what I was going through at work.    The NordicTrack gave me some control over my life – in other words, no matter how bad things got at work, I began to feel I could manage because I had that half hour of good aerobic exercise every day”. – Chris Dvorak


NordicFitnessTrack is the ideal total-body trainer.  You’ll tone and condition your entire body as well as enjoy a long list of Health benefits. 

“On the NordicTrack, I can raise my heart rate to my target zone and keep it there.  I can reach my target rate before my muscles get too tired because I’m using my total body.   I feel like I’m in total control now”.  – Van Bateman.

Others sell used equipment.    NordicFitnessTrack offers totally reconditioned & refurbished original skiers to help you ACHIEVE your Health & Fitness Goals.  Call 503.851.3775 & talk to me personally, NordicDanny – TODAY!


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