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How to keep your fitness & weight loss New Years Resolutions

December 31, 2010 by NordicDanny  
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NordicTrack Skier for hip and joint healthGot your New Years Resolutions written? 90% of us have “lose weight” or “get fit” at the top of our list. So, what’s does it take to get past January and really put off those pounds and get fit and not “fizzle out”?

Define your “Why” – Are you facing health challenges that can be managed or eliminated with weight loss & exercise? Is it time to put energy back in your life with a healthy fit lifestyle? When was the last time you looked in the mirror and liked what you saw? Take the time to define why you need to lose the excess weight and get fit and put it in writing where you can look at it daily. This will become the passion that fuels you.

Be realistic - Don’t create goals for your fitness that are so big you can’t bring yourself to get started everyday. In the words of Bill Murray in What about Bob?, “Baby Steps”. Try baby steps with your resolutions. You don’t need to swear off all processed sugar and have washboard abs by the end of the year. Start by limiting sweets to once a week and working out 5 days a week. If that’s too much, swear off ice cream and walk 3 days a week. Pick an achievable goal, and when you reach it, pick another one.

Be accountable – Find a partner to share accountability. Invite a friend, a fitness coach or find an online group that will support you with reminding you of your why and cheering you on as you make progress. Knowing that your accountability partner will be looking for progress may just be the motivation you need to keep your excuses from stopping you.
Track your progress – Take pictures of where you are starting now and then in a couple of weeks or in 30 days. You will be amazed at both the subtle and not so subtle changes you might have missed if you didn’t have photos to compare.

Develop a workout that “works” for you and your lifestyle – Not everyone wants to go to to the gym everyday, so bring the fitness equipment home! It might be time to invest in a Nordic Track Skier for total body fitness.
NordicTrack Skier is no impact on your body whatsoever, just smooth and rhythmic motion. This smooth movement strengthens the abductor muscles in the outer thigh – this is an important muscle that hold the body straight and upright.
The NordicTrack Skier also helps to strengthen your core muscles and build co-ordination as you age so that you will be less prone to falling as your center of gravity improves daily.

Free consultation with Nordic Danny with every Nordic Fitness Track purchase. Isn’t it time you started feeling and looking your best?

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