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Nordic Track Service

December 29, 2009 by NordicDanny  
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NordicFitnessTrack is one of the few Companies that sells the ENTIRE LINE of Treadmill Belt Lubricants and supports most anything you can do to STAY IN SHAPE.  We initially got involved with Lube & Walk since we also Refurbish and Recondition the Original NordicTrack Treadmill – The Walkfit which was one of the few MANUAL [...]

Do you want a Weight Loss Program that Really Works?

Yeah, NordicDanny did fall off ‘Track’ but got back on and lost 50 lbs too ! When you diet, your body fights to maintain its normal percentage of body fat, or set point.  Your metabolism decreases and your appetite increases which makes you lethargic and hungry.  But it does not make you thinner.  And most [...]

Make a Lifetime Investment in Better Health

December 27, 2009 by NordicDanny  
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For a Lifetime of Astounding Health and Fitness Benefits, Invest in a NordicFitnessTrack & NordicHealthTrack Skier!   Enrich your Health.  Enhance your Life.  When you take care of your Health, you take care of every aspect of your life – your looks, your mood, your energy, your relationships and your job.  With good health, you have [...]

Nordic Track – Low Impact Aerobic Exercise

December 15, 2009 by NordicDanny  
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Happy New Year from ! OK – each and every year, exercise equipment sales increase in January – thanks largely (pun intended) to the overeating we all tend to do during the Holidays. Not just good food mind you, but plenty of sweets and spirits abound. Well, now is the time to ‘Get on [...]